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Why choose magnetic beads for DNA/RNA extraction?


Why choose magnetic beads for DNA/RNA extraction?

Magnetic particles generally refer to materials composed of magnetite (Fe3O4) that can respond to external magnetic fields.


Introduction to Magnetic Beads

In general, a typical separation process requires a time-consuming process, and in recent developments, magnetic particles can improve the efficiency of target molecule separation without the use of harmful reagents. They are considered interesting materials and are widely used in many applications such as isolation, diagnosis and therapy. Furthermore, by using an external magnetic field, magnetic nanoparticles can be easily separated from complex matrices such as biological samples.


Our product introduction

Our product nucleic acid extraction kit uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA to achieve the purpose of rapid purification of animal tissue genomic DNA. Using the Magnetic Bead Nucleic Acid Extraction System, you can obtain high-purity genomic DNA within half an hour.


Professional manufacturer of Nucleic Acid (DNA & RNA) Extraction and Analysis products PCR sealing film supplier

GENETURE is a group company,we own two factories: Ascend and Dianrun,to provide one stop solution of Nucleic Acid Extraction and Analysis,including solution for COVID-19. Geneture provides high quality and professional Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents, Lab consumables, Real-time PCR consumables and test machines.

GENETURE main products including: Nucleic acid extraction or purification kit, Automatic nucleic acid extractor, PCR system, PCR kit, Magnetic beads, and lab consumables of 96 well deep plate, Magnetic rod comb, PCR tube, PCR plate, Pipette tips, centrifuge tubes.

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Why choose magnetic beads for DNA/RNA extraction?

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