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Performance characteristics of thrust spherical roller bearings

wallpapers News 2021-03-01
High carrying capacity
A large number of rollers have the best consistency with the ring raceway, which helps the bearings to bear heavy axial and radial loads simultaneously.
Allow misalignment
Spherical roller thrust bearings are self-aligning and can withstand misalignment.
Separate design
Thrust spherical roller bearings are separate types so that the seat ring can be installed and removed independently of the shaft washer and roller and cage assembly. In addition, this facilitates maintenance inspections. The cage design and the best consistency of the roller and washer raceways make the bearings suitable for relatively high speeds.
The special roller shape reduces the edge stress at the roller/raceway contact.
Low friction
The optimized roller end/rib contact keeps the heat generated by friction at a low level even at high speeds.

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