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Israel Has Developed A New Rapid Detection Method For Coronavirus

wallpapers News 2020-04-27

It is reported that the Technological Universities of Israel announced on the 23rd that its research team had developed a new and straightforward method for detecting coronavirus at home. This test method only requires a saliva sample, test reagents, and a thermos cup, and the results can be obtained within an hour without sending the sample to a specific laboratory. According to the research team, put the collected saliva sample in a test tube containing reagents, and then immerse the test tube in a thermos cup containing hot water. If the color changes, it indicates that there is a new coronavirus in the sample. The results of testing 200 biological samples of confirmed and suspected cases of the new crown show that this method is reliable.

The researchers pointed out that when using standard swabs to detect medium and high concentrations of the virus, the accuracy is 99%. Researchers are further improving the detection method to increase the sensitivity of detecting low levels of microorganisms. The researchers said that once the Ministry approves the test method of Health, it is expected to increase the number of tests significantly, but the test method cannot completely replace the current conventional method.

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