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A new type of semiconductor photocatalyst-nano cuprous oxide

wallpapers News 2021-06-10
A new type of semiconductor photocatalyst-nano cuprous oxide
Semiconductor photocatalytic technology is an effective method to proceed with pollutions. The first catalytic mechanism of photocatalyst is given and then nano cuprous oxide is introduced as a novel visible light responding semiconductor photocatalyst after analyzing the defects of titanium dioxide photocatalyst that is used. The preparation methods and research progress of nano cuprous oxide are summarized. And the applications of photocatalysts and research aspects in the future are presented.
Green synthesis of nano cuprous oxide under ultrasonic field
A green environmentally friendly process for preparing cuprous oxide nanoparticles was reported. In this process, the cuprous oxide was prepared using Cu (OH) 4(superscript 2-) as precursor and glucose as a reducing agent in the presence of dispersant under ultrasonic radiation. Spherical, well-dispersed Cu2O nanoparticles were obtained with the average size of 50 nm or 1.5 inns, respectively, with or without PVP-K30 as surfactants. In the process, the sonochemical method comparing to the other methods which have been used, is very fast and it does not need high temperature during the reaction, and it is noticeable that the reducing agent is a natural product, and the reaction is nearly complete with less than 0.5 mg/L Cu(superscript 2+) left in the wastewater under ultrasonic radiation, up to the discharge standard of wastewater.
Preparation and electrochemical properties of nano cuprous oxide
Nano-cuprous oxide as prepared by using CTAB as soft template, and was characterized by XRD and TEM methods. The experimental results showed that the prepared nano-cuprous oxide by this method was a series of nanowhisker with diameter of 10 nm and length of about 250 nm. Using Nafion as glue, the newly prepared nano-cuprous oxide whisker was fixed up on the surface of glassy carbon electrode, the electrochemical properties of nano-cuprous oxide were investigated. The results indicated that the cyclic voltammgrams of nano-cuprous oxide on the surface of electrode appeared a pair of symmetrical redox peaks with peak separation of 200mV, which were corresponded to the center Cu(Ⅱ)/Cu(Ⅰ) of nano-cuprous oxide, the peak currents were linear to the scan rate. Based on the linear relationship of peak potentials and the logarithm of scan rates, the charge transfer coefficient was calculated, indicating the electrochemical reaction of nano-cuprous oxide was a surface-controlled and partially irreversible process.

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