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The application and synthesis method of nano silicon powder

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Basic Information
Nano silicon powder refers to crystalline silicon particles with a diameter of less than 5 nanometers (one billion (1 G) of a meter). Nano silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large surface area, high surface activity, and low bulk density.
The application of nano silicon powder
Nano silicon powder is a new generation of optoelectronic semiconductor materials: silicon is a typical semiconductor material, nanocrystalline is an excellent solar material, amorphous is used as an electrode material in lithium batteries, nanocrystalline has strong activity, low sintering temperature, improved strength and toughness, and dielectric high-loss, wide-band gap semiconductors, memory devices, high-power optical materials,.
Nano silicon powder can be used in high-temperature coatings and refractory materials, and can also be used in fuel cells to replace nano-carbon powder to reduce costs.Nano silicon powder can increase the capacity and the number of charge-discharge cycles of rechargeable lithium batteries by more than three times.
The synthesis method of nano silicon powder
The preparation methods of nano silicon powder mainly include mechanical ball milling method, chemical vapor deposition method, and plasma evaporation condensation method. The industrial production of nano-silica powder in western countries started earlier. There are specialized silicon powder product companies, such as Teijin of Japan, DuPont of the United States, H.C.Stark of Germany, Techna of Canada, etc., which can apply plasma evaporation and condensation to produce high purity with different particle sizes. Chemicalbook nano silicon powder, the production technology is in a leading position in the world.
The domestic research and development of nano silicon powder started late, and the manufacturing level is relatively backward. Generally, mechanical ball milling is used to synthesize nano silicon powder. A small number of universities and research institutes can prepare nano silicon powder by chemical vapor deposition and plasma evaporation condensation. Only at the experimental level, mass production has not yet been achieved.

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