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NSK Bearing Temperature

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The temperature of NSK bearings can generally be inferred from the temperature of the outside of the bearing. It is more appropriate if the oil hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing. Generally, the temperature of the bearing starts to rise slowly as the bearing runs, and reaches a stable state after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication and installation parts are proper, the bearing temperature will rise sharply and abnormally high temperature will occur. At this time, the operation must be stopped and necessary precautions must be taken.
NSK bearing 6968 imported brand bearings are dedicated to building a comfortable and safe society through the technology of operation and control.
NSK bearing 6964 size table
New model: 61964
Old model: 1000964
Outer diameter: 440
Inner diameter: 320
Thickness: 56
Detailed information: Deep groove ball bearing (60000 type)
The reasons for the rust of NSK bearings are very complicated. It may be that the imported NSK bearings are not properly treated with rust, or they may be rust caused by moisture, and rust caused by paint mist. Let me explain in detail to you.
There are four main types of acid components volatile from the insulating paint used by most motor factories:
①Unreacted low-molecular-weight paint raw material acid components (anhydrous isophthalic acid and terephthalic acid, anhydrous maleic acid, fumaric acid).
②The acid component generated when the paint is cured (when using phenolic modified paint, it changes from formaldehyde to formic acid).
③Lower fatty acids (formic acid, acetic acid) generated by heat or oxidative decomposition.
④The acid component of the cured paint after water decomposition. The main acid component produced by insulating paint is formic acid, and there is a close relationship between the amount of formic acid and the degree of rust.

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